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There are plenty of places to have a good mid-day meal on a budget! As a constant seeker of a cheap lunch in my working life, I'm carrying on that same energy to this blog.

If you're craving sushi, you have quite a few options in town. Save some cash by ordering rolls a la carte. The authentic Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine you've come to expect from their dinner location now available for breakfast and lunch, plus a welcoming interior that you'll want to stay at all afternoon.

Apollo Cafe is the perfect place to stop if you're craving some homemade Mediterranean food. They have soups, salads, sandwiches and everything in between. This place is as quick as it gets for lunch. Dine in or take out. This local grocer has both hot food and a deli. Their lunches are far from bland and they have different hot and ready to serve lunches daily.

Grab a meal or a sandwich with homemade soup and hang out in the grocery's quaint aesthetic. There's no website, just a small sign of today's specials outside of this street food vendor you can walk right by in the Strip District.

However, Lucy's is perhaps my favorite hidden gem in this area with a deliciously seasoned sandwich piled with her signature sauce, cilantro, jalapeno and shredded carrots for the perfect bite. If you miss Lucy's, head into the deli at Sunseri's in the Strip instead! The pepperoni rolls here reign supreme and every sandwich here is cheap enough that you can add a cannoli and still stay under budget.

I can safely recommend Everyday Noodles for lunch because everything on this menu is so good, you'll be back for dinner to try the rest. Watch the noodles or dim sum you're about to order be made right in front of you, seasoned and cooked to perfection and enjoyed all in a quick lunch break.

Come back for dinner for the steamed dumplings, also made fresh in-house. Taste the best flavors of Argentina right here in Pittsburgh! Delicious homemade arepas cornmeal flat bread with a variety of stuffings plus top notch empanadas and tacos.

Advertise Donate Subscribe San Antonio Facebook San Antonio Twitter San Antonio Instagram. Username View Profile Edit Profile Log Out. Dining out can add up, but that shouldn't stop you from treating yourself to some good eats. We love going out and getting some grub as much as the next San Antonian, so we decided to round up cheap meals that satisfy us every time and are pretty damn filling.

No, we're not talking about some drive-thru fast food brown bag specials or a bunch of tacos. Get to exploring without breaking the bank. Scroll down to view images. Cured Pearl Pkwy , , curedatpearl. com Cured may not seem like the type of place to eat for cheap, but it can be if you play your cards right.

And yes, that comes with fries. Carnitas Lonja Roosevelt Ave, , facebook. La Panaderia Multiple locations, lapanaderia. com Sure, you can score a piece of pan dulce and a cup of cafe for a few bucks, lunch and dinner call for heartier meals. Get your fill with any of the tortas the chicken milanesa though!

Dignowity Meats E Houston St, , dignowitymeats. Wrigleyville Grill Northwest Loop , , wrigleyvillegrill.

The Station Cafe King William St, , thestationsa. Pollos Asados Los Norteños Rigsby Ave, Where do we even begin with Pollos Asados? Although known for opening and closing semi-regularly, this East Side spot also comes through with delicious flavor for not a whole lot of bucks.

Another frontrunner at Burger King is the BK Stacker, a single patty cheeseburger with a slice of American cheese, thick-cut hardwood smoked bacon, and zesty BK sauce on a toasted bun.

Fun fact for you: this cheap fast food option is part of a family of burgers at Burger King that includes the Single Stacker King, Double Stacker King, Triple Stacker King, as well as the BK Double, Triple, and Quad Stacker.

Talk about a mouthful. You can always make this a combo meal with a drink and fries, too. This classic option is named after the restaurant for a reason, serving up a beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, melted cheese, mayo, and ketchup.

Add a drink and curly fries to make a full meal that will cost just a few bucks extra. They are quite small, but if you ask us, a couple of these puppies makes for a filling meal, with options to drown your grilled or crispy chicken in chipotle BBQ, honey mustard, or ranch.

Taco Bell caters to the fast food lover in all of us, teasing us with those glorified beef tacos, exclusive sugar-packed Mountain Dews, and melt-in-your-mouth cheese quesadillas. Plus, you can swap the meat for beans if you want to go vegetarian. A large fry is quite versatile, serving as a great food to scarf down after a breakup, a side to share with a friend, or a satisfying meal in itself.

Be warned — the calories add up fast if you add a burger to your order, but the taste and price are unbeatable. Toss the ketchup and dip your fries in the ice cream.

For just three bucks, you can score two of these sandwiches that are topped with shredded lettuce and mayo. This is one of the best value chicken sandwiches, in our opinion.

With five fast food fried chicken options to choose from, you can customize your box to include a Crispy Colonel Sandwich, 3 Extra Cripsy Tenders, one Chicken Breast, a Pot Pie, or a Famous Bowl, all accompanied by a cookie and a drink. Select options even include potato wedges or mashed potatoes, as well as a biscuit.

Del Taco has snack time down to a science with this perfectly-portioned menu item. Other items on the menu that are just a buck during Happy Hour include cookies, small potato cakes, small curly fries, small shake, and small drinks. This Happy Hour deal typically takes place from 2 p.

Sonic also has a full list of mini snacks like tater tots, fries, onion rings, and popcorn chicken for 79 cents each, which is the cheapest fast food you can find.

Also has great street food and other affordable lunch places. Like Sonic's - has constant deals, food is cheap and pretty decent. and › Deals › Sales › Restaurant Deals & Coupons We're sharing the best food deals and top cheap eats for this week so you can get your family fed without breaking your budget!

Cheap lunch deals - Cheapest Fast Food Menu Items. However, if you're looking to save across all fast food chains, there are several cheap meal deals you should Also has great street food and other affordable lunch places. Like Sonic's - has constant deals, food is cheap and pretty decent. and › Deals › Sales › Restaurant Deals & Coupons We're sharing the best food deals and top cheap eats for this week so you can get your family fed without breaking your budget!

The popular spot offers tacos, burritos, and tortas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Photo by palo. La Tunita , Burleson Road La Tunita is the place to go for a birria taco. With fried tortillas and covered in a traditional, slow-cooked Mexican beef stew, birria tacos have taken the food world by storm.

The food truck offers birria and queso tacos, mulitas, consome and birria tortas. Photo by tysonstacos. Ng Cafe, N. Interstate Hwy. Photo by xianfresh. Xian Sushi and Noodle , Multiple locations Lovers of food and cheap eats can appreciate Xian Sushi and Noodle for traditional, fresh Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Tumble 22, Multiple locations Try a basket of spicy chicken bites or tenders at this Nashville-inspired hot chicken spot. B Try the barbacoa tacos or the breakfast tacos at this westside food truck. Thai Kruefha , Lost Creek Blvd. This local food truck chain is famous for its Chicken empanada and Bomba arepa, which features two meats plus sweet plantains and black beans dressed in avocado and garlic sauces.

Add them to our interactive map below. Search Query Submit Search. Your Ultimate Guide to Austin Live. Laura Hackett , London Gibson , STAFF. Facebook Twitter Nextdoor Email Copy Link copied. Eat your heart out. Table of Contents.

Try a range of Nashville-style hot chicken sandwiches from Tumble powered by Proxi. Check out our other Guides. Coming soon: What not to miss in Austin in Made in Austin: 20 things created in the Capital City. Laura Figi. Happy hour deals in Austin. Go bargain-hunting with our Austin happy hour guide, which highlights drink specials and food discounts throughout the city.

London Gibson. Gabe Guarente. Every Austin festival taking place in Your horoscope in Austin neighborhoods. Give these 23 Austin live music venues a listen.

Stay in the know with 21 new and upcoming Austin restaurants. Dining in Austin is always a fresh experience with new restaurants popping up all the time — and more on the way.

Your ultimate guide to outdoor dining in Austin. Good news for Austin. Email Required. Enjoy Austin. Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. What to order: Jimmy John's hasn't always been the best place for a super-cheap lunch.

However, in late , JJ added the Little John. Plus, there are seven varieties of the Little John, which gives you options, but the 6 is a solid choice if you're looking to get the most out of the smaller sandwich. The vegetarian sandwich comes with avocado, provolone, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

You're getting a lot more flavor there than with the spare Slim 5 and a few more calories than with the other Little John options.

If you're ordering anything but the salt and vinegar chips, you're doing it wrong. What to order: You're going to have a tough time pulling this one off. That's the highest calorie soup they offer. For the same price, you can come close with the Summer Corn Chowder or the Bistro French Onion.

What to order: You'll run into the same problem here that you ran into at Chipotle. You could turn to the kid's menu, but that can get awkward. Let's go a different direction. What to order: The Dollar Menu is dead; long live the Dollar Menu.

That's the best you'll do unless you're dining with the Hamburglar. What to order: Get dressed like you're making stops at the sock hop and Makeout Bluff, then try not to spill chili cheese down your chest.

So, there's really only one option to make it all happen here. Load it up with your favorite fixings and add in a bag of Sun Chips, because that's what you do at Subway. What to order: Yes, you could blow your budget and more on any of its ridiculously sweet Frap du Jour surprises.

But you can actually get a decent breakfast as well. Not to mention you should be checking the Rewards app to get points and see if there's a Happy Hour going down. What to order: You could blow the budget on the new Impossible Whopper , which is really a pretty good choice.

That'll land you a bacon cheeseburger, four-piece order of chicken nuggets, cookie, value-sized fries, and a ounce soft drink. What to order: Look, you know where this is going. You can't just go to Popeyes and not get that chicken sandwich.

That almost puts you up to you budget's ceiling. You're going to want that drink to cool your mouth if the sandwich proves too spicy for you.

Skip to main content News. By Dustin Nelson. Here are the three principles driving the food selection for this list: 1. Now, dig in. Taco Bell. Panda Express. White Castle. Jimmy John's. Burger King. Want More Free Food? You're welcome.

Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him dlukenelson. Plan Your Trip. Subscribe to Thrillist Daily.

Gone are the halcyon days of Marked-down food promotions dollar menu. Cgeap Wingstop Flavors: I Ranked 13 Flavors, Including the New Maple Sriracha Wings. Subscribe to Thrillist Daily. That almost puts you up to you budget's ceiling. Enjoy Austin. Cheapest Menu Items at Fast Food Restaurants


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