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I have collected a lot of free toiletries from filling out forms, sometimes being on a website on the right day, etc.

On my day trip in Portugal, all the toiletries I brought with me were free samples. Even right now, my toiletry bag is essentially filled with free samples.

The websites directly: if you go onto Olay, Garnier, Pantene, they will sometimes have a sample form for free getting a free sample. I get pretty lucky, and nearly daily I sign up some form to claim a free sample. Visit Websites that have sample boxes you will be required to fill out surveys and task to be eligible for future boxes usually.

The community on there is large, but everyone is so nice and they also share awesome deals for discounts on products on Amazon. Here is the one I am on the most. Ollies Bargain Outlet, Big Lots, and other Outlet Stores These have some pretty good deals on toiletry items, usually less than a dollar.

While most of these websites are only for U. and Canada, I will be working on finding free sample websites that are in Europe if those even exist. So check back to this post for updates! Show Offscreen Content. Hide Offscreen Content. Welcome to Fly a Whey. Travel Accommodation Reviews City Guides Finance Travel Life After Travel Travel Tips Wellness Beauty Fit Tips Reviews.

FreebieShark My favorite website, he shares lots of samples, coupons, promos, and giveaways. ICraveFreebies This, this is the website that got me addicted to free samples thanks to my friend. It usually has the same samples as the other two, but I still like to spend a minute or two on it a day to scout for other samples.

Interact with the brand by liking and commenting on at least 10 different posts on their pages. Search for the brand and product in Google and scroll down through the results. Then just keep a close eye on your newsfeed when you're scrolling through your social media and you'll start seeing the ads for free samples.

Free Sample Boxes Some of the best free samples out there are from free sample boxes. They give you the opportunity to try a number of products for free and they're all provided in one convenient box.

Sampler, PINCHme, Daily Goodie Box and SampleSource are some of my favorites and often times include free baby samples, pet samples, beauty samples my favorite , supplement samples, food samples and more. Be sure to complete any feedback and provide an honest review on the products you try, so you have the opportunity to try even more items for free.

Free Samples in-Stores There are many ways to get free samples at stores you already frequent. Select Walmart, Sam's Club, Shoprite, The Fresh Grocer, Albertsons, Randalls and Tom Thumb stores have Freeosk.

Freeosk are small kiosks that are usually located at the end of some aisles and have free samples of select products inside. The items change weekly and are available only while supplies lasts. Costco is known for their amazing free samples, but did you know that Sam's Club, Walmart and many other grocery stores also hand out free samples to customers while they're shopping?

They're usually promoting a new product and often times includes a money off coupon. I've found some great products that are now staples in my house just from trying a free sample while I was already shopping.

Next time you're at a department store, stop by the perfume and beauty counter and ask for some free samples. They usually have no problem handing some over and you just might find your favorite new product from the free beauty samples. Free Samples via Newsletters You can score a ton of free samples and products just for signing up for brand newsletters.

You can get everything from free pet food samples, free beauty samples, free food, free baby samples, free clothing items and more. The best part - it's all totally free and only requires a quick sign up. Plus, if you took our advice from our tips above then you have a separate email address to help keep track of it all.

FAQ about Free Samples. Are these Samples Really free? The free samples MySavings shares are totally free. No shipping costs and no credit cards required.

We do have some third-party advertisements on our site that aren't free, but those are not the free samples we're talking about.

Does MySavings Send Free Samples? No, MySavings shares links directly to the companies that are providing the free samples, but we don't mail anything out ourselves. The company offering the sample has full control on when they send the samples out in the mail.

Will I receive any Spam? Is this a Scam? No, free samples are not a scam and you can get items arriving in your mailbox without costing you a dime. MySavings works very hard to verify each and every free sample offer we share to keep you and your information safe.

Some companies may send you additional promotional emails, but you can opt out or unsubscribe to those at any time. Do I have to take surveys?

No way! MySavings doesn't make you jump through any hoops to get your free samples. For most samples all you have to do it fill in your mailing info.

If there is an offer that requires a bit more information to see if you qualify for the sample we always include that info on the free sample offer page.

How long does it take to receive the free samples? Most samples say to allow weeks for delivery, but I often find the time frame really is dependent upon the company. I've gotten free samples as soon as a week after signing up and then there are some samples that took many months to arrive and some that I never received at all.

Patience really is key during this time. Get our daily free samples and coupons newsletter. Yes, I agree to sign up for the MySavings email newsletter.

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