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JSON file from your computer and hit Import. The personal information fields that you display on your form will depend on the information you require from your webinar attendees. Name and Email are a given, but depending on your industry you may want to gather other personal information like state or country of residence.

Key personal information fields can be found within the form editor under Advanced Fields — simply drag and drop any field that you need onto the editor canvas and then customize to suit your forms needs.

As you can see from the form above, the Gravity Forms webinar template asks for a range of different information, with the first three questions being very industry specific…. For these questions we have used the Website field, Text field, and Dropdown field — if you want to use a different type of field simply select Add Field and then scroll down to browse our list of pre-built fields.

We recommend that you keep the last three questions on the webinar registration template form…. These questions will help you plan out your Q and A segment of the webinar, inform marketing decisions for future online events, and ensure you can keep in contact with your attendees after the webinar.

Of course, you can add, edit, or delete any of the fields on this webinar form template — but a top tip from us would be to not add too many fields. These include…. Are you ready to add a webinar registration form template to your website?

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Use our webinar registration form and convert more site visitors that you can easily track and glean insights from for future follow-up. Try it free! Build a user-friendly webinar registration form to help you get organized and collect attendee information. Our free, customizable template is waiting for Add attendees to Zoom webinars automatically. Customize this free registration form for your webinars. Integrate with Zoom and + apps

Webinar Registration Form - Manage, and grow, the number of webinar attendees, all while improving your online event registration workflow. This online form makes it easy to streamline Use our webinar registration form and convert more site visitors that you can easily track and glean insights from for future follow-up. Try it free! Build a user-friendly webinar registration form to help you get organized and collect attendee information. Our free, customizable template is waiting for Add attendees to Zoom webinars automatically. Customize this free registration form for your webinars. Integrate with Zoom and + apps

app with many third-party applications via forms. app's direct integrations and Zapier. These applications and integrations include creating or modifying a sheet on Google Sheets every time your form is submitted and creating a deal on Pipedrive for an order you received or a generated lead.

There are no limits and boundaries when it comes to creating online forms, surveys, and exams with forms. You can choose one of many types of templates, create a form, and get started right away!

Once you start with a template, you can easily customize your form fields, form design, and many other attributes! You can share your forms in any way you like. And if you would like to embed your form in your website, you can easily copy and paste embed code in your website HTML.

On forms. You can change your form theme by choosing your own colors or picking one of many ready-made themes.

Sign In Sign Up Free. However, you may have noticed that Zoom does not provide a lot of functionality to brand your webinar registration page and emails, even if you are using the Zoom webinar addon.

Platforms like Glow to help you create fully branded registration pages and email reminders for your webinar using templates like this one. In this guide I will walk you through how to Customize your Zoom registration page: How to create a Zoom webinar registration page? How to add a logo and banner to the registration page?

How to change the color scheme of the page? How to add or remove questions from the registration form? How to send email reminders for the webinar? Zoom Webinar registration page example If you are wondering what a Zoom Webinar registration page looks like, here is an example.

How do I create a Zoom webinar registration page? How do I add my logo and webinar banner? How do I change the color scheme of my webinar page? In the Theme section, click Change Theme.

Choose one of the predefined themes or click Custom to create a theme with your own colors. If you click Custom, the Change Theme dialog opens, where you can choose your own colors for the Background, Header Text, and Button Color.

How do I add or remove questions from the registration form? How do I change email reminders for the webinar? A lengthy or complicated registration process can deter potential attendees from completing the form, leading to lower registration numbers. By keeping the form simple and concise like in the example below you make it more accessible and user-friendly, encouraging more people to sign up for your online event.

Your contact form can act as a barrier to filter out the leads that are not right for you. Keeping this in mind, here are some registration information details you should consider including in your online form:. Below is an example of a longer webinar registration form designed to generate higher quality leads.

Decide whether your priority is to draw in a few qualified leads or get as many attendees as possible to sign up. You could also make additional questions optional or collect more detailed audience information after they RSVP. This approach strikes a balance between gathering useful insights and respecting your attendee's time and privacy.

You can also provide a direct link to the form in your email campaigns or social media posts. A professional and effective registration form is a key factor in creating a successful webinar, helping you build trust and credibility while increasing the likelihood of attracting more attendees and growing your contact list.

If getting audience numbers up is a priority, you should also consider hosting an automated webinar. Our product, eWebinar , was designed to solve this problem.

We turn any pre-recorded video into an engaging, interactive webinar that you can set on a recurring schedule or make available on demand, so your webinars are available when your customers are, in any time zone.

The result of making your webinar infinitely more convenient for people to attend will result in higher attendance rates. To learn more, sign up for our on-demand demo now. Live Automated Hub Software. Live Best Practices. August 02, Webinar Registration Forms: How to Design Them to Boost Webinar Attendance.

Todd Parmley COO, eWebinar. Why webinar registration forms are important What to include in a webinar registration form How to create a webinar registration form Even if you create the perfect webinar registration form, the number of people who attend your webinar will always be limited by the date and time it is offered.

The result: attendance rates 2X the industry average. What is a webinar registration form? While collecting initial registration information you can also include an opt-in checkbox asking people who RSVP if they would like to receive future communications.


Creating a Zoom Webinar Registration Form You can Registrarion provide Webinqr direct Webinae Test before you buy the form in your email campaigns or social media Test before you buy. Types Industries. I agree with the storage and handling of my data by this website. Our no-coding form builder empowers you to craft a delightful, customizable template that captures the essence of your apple-picking outing. See More Form Templates. Webinar Registration Form Template

Webinar Registration Form - Manage, and grow, the number of webinar attendees, all while improving your online event registration workflow. This online form makes it easy to streamline Use our webinar registration form and convert more site visitors that you can easily track and glean insights from for future follow-up. Try it free! Build a user-friendly webinar registration form to help you get organized and collect attendee information. Our free, customizable template is waiting for Add attendees to Zoom webinars automatically. Customize this free registration form for your webinars. Integrate with Zoom and + apps

The headline offers a clear value proposition and naturally encourages you to continue reading. And down the right-hand side, you can learn who is presenting and moderating the webinar, adding credibility and authority.

The registration form on this page is pretty long. We love this webinar registration page example from SEMRush for its clarity and simplicity. And the most important areas of text are in bold to stand out from the page.

The registration form for this page is minimal and straightforward. It only asks for essential details and nothing more. With bright pops of color in strategic parts of the page, it directs your attention to where it needs you to focus.

And the headlines follow suit with bold typography and power words. The use of video is a great way to keep users engaged long enough to convert. Like the previous example, the sign-up form only asks for the most essential information to increase registrations.

In this webinar page example, Numerator offers an on-demand webinar that users can watch any time they like. The page starts with a big and bold headline, clearly communicating what people can learn from watching.

It also has a large featured image illustrating the webinar content. Further down the page are easy-to-read blocks of text with bullet points explaining what it covers.

And on the right-hand side is a simple registration form in a contrasting color that grabs attention instantly. This webinar registration page example from SeedProd has everything you need to make a webinar that converts.

It includes a powerful headline communicating the value of attending and details about when and where it takes place. And as a result, it can generate a lot more leads and conversions.

Further down the page is a clear bullet list section reaffirming the need to register now before losing your spot. Plus, the CTA button is visible both at the top and bottom of the page for better results. Another excellent webinar page example from SeedProd is their travel webinar page.

And the image reinforces what people want to achieve. Below the header area is clear bullet points that outline the benefits of attending the webinar. Plus, the large CTA button is big enough for people to spot on both mobile and desktop devices.

This makes it easier for users to trust the company and sign up. This webinar page template from SeedProd has everything you need to promote your webinar and convert your audience into attendees.

The eye-catching header draws attention to the explainer video, which keeps people interested and engaged. Further down the page are clear sections that allow you to show the benefits users get from attending. The registration form only has a single form field to collect email addresses.

This is a great way to combat user hesitation and secure more attendees. After looking at the examples above, what is the best way to create a webinar registration page for your business? For WordPress website owners, the easiest solution is to use a WordPress page builder plugin like SeedProd.

SeedProd is the best WordPress landing page builder on the market. It comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, making it easy to create successful webinar pages without hiring a developer. You can design your webinar page from scratch or use one of the responsive webinar landing page templates.

From there, you can customize your design in the visual editor with landing page blocks. They include:. It also integrates with popular email marketing services to grow your email list and Google Analytics to track your landing page performance.

More importantly, this landing page plugin is lightning-fast and bloat-free. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to create a webinar registration page with SeedProd. We hope this article helped you find some excellent webinar registration page examples and learn the best design practices.

You might also want to learn how to create a thank you page in WordPress when people successfully register. And if you liked this article, then please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more helpful content to help grow your business. Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported.

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Do NOT use keywords in the name field. Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation. Your Real Name. You Real Email. You can manage the fields, style the background, configure email notifications, and send the registration information to other third-party apps.

Simplify your rent control registration process and increase productivity with our Rent Control Registration Form. Using our Wellness Center Membership Registration Form, you can optimize your membership procedure and increase productivity.

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Increase productivity, save time, and ensure accuracy in data collection — all with our customizable template. Join countless satisfied users who have already simplified their registration process.

Get started today! Simplify your registration process today using our pre-made template. Skip to content Webinar Registration Form Template Use this webinar registration form template to fill in the seats of your next online event and collect payments for it too, if you want to!

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