Inexpensive grocery steals

This is surprising on the surface, but it makes sense. Fresh cheese isn't easy to tag with anti-theft devices, and it's often small enough to be slipped into a pocket or jacket. Alcohol is a popular target for shoplifters because some bottles are relatively small and easy to swipe. When people cannot find formula, they often go to extreme measures to feed their growing babies.

That is why rather sophisticated crime rings resell baby formula for profit. It strongly impacts our senses, improves our mood, and tastes great.

Earn More: Boost your savings with one of these high yield savings accounts. Unfortunately, thieves have gotten this down to a science.

They bring cooler packs to keep the product stable until it can be transferred to a proper refrigerator. Cold and flu medicine are always popular, but the winter months send demand soaring. With high demand comes the potential for shoplifting and reselling.

Some grocery stores keep premium cold, flu, and headache medications behind the pharmacy counter to try to prevent as much theft as possible. Skincare is big business, so it makes sense that skincare products are regularly stolen from grocery stores.

This creates a problem on multiple levels. These products are locked up in grocery stores for a reason. People will happily steal family planning products ranging from condoms to lubricants to gel contraceptives.

Not only do people steal them for personal needs, but they are often resold to others looking for a discount. Some petty thieves don't think twice before checking out — they just swipe them, pocket them, and move along with their days.

Plus, they're inexpensive, so thieves sneak off with them with little guilt. Some even sell razors on the black market for significant profits. Costco Savings: 7 genius hacks Costco shoppers should know.

So, the next time you go to the store and see something locked up, be patient with the staff. Keep calm, carry on, and look for the options out there that can actually help you save on everyday purchases. So grocery stores simply try to strike a balance between providing shoppers with access to goods and preventing theft.

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Grocery shopping is often filled with difficult decisions. Gruyere or Gouda? Gluten-free or grass-fed ground beef? Two bags of Goldfish or just one? These little decisions can add up in a big way by the time you get to the checkout counter.

But a new study shows that perhaps the most important food buying decision occurs before shoppers even enter the store. While many people might expect to pay a premium for organic produce or certain cuts of meat, according to the Dunnhumby retail preference index which measures consumer data , food prices on the exact same items can vary widely by store.

Aldi , a German grocer widely known for its great value, earned the top spot. In general, Aldi offers buyers a smaller selection of products when compared to giants like Costco — and features private-label options at lower-than-average cost, which is similar to Trader Joe's model.

But smaller regional grocers like Market Basket, a Northeastern chain; Winco, a West Coast and Midwest grocer; and Food4Less which has stores in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio made the top five.

TODAY Food tested the data science analysis by comparing prices of a few items at six of the top national, brick and mortar grocers to see if the results measured up. It turns out that these stores differ in the items they stock, not just the prices at checkout.

And, depending on the item, Aldi might not always offer the cheapest option. › archive › /03 › stealing-from-self-checkout “There is NO MORAL ISSUE with stealing from a store that forces you to use self checkout, period. THEY ARE CHARGING YOU TO WORK AT THEIR STORE It was about 1/3 'groceries' while sitting within a block of two larger and cheaper grocery stores. Was there theft at that store.. I don't


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