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Many restaurants offer loyalty programs that often are free and enable you to earn discounts on future orders and snag freebies. Not only do you rack up points for each purchase that can be used for a future order but you get a free pastry, sweet treat or bagel when you make a purchase within two months of signing up.

With an AARP membership you get a percentage off at a slew of restaurants across the country. To get more patrons through their doors, many restaurants offer coupons. There are a plethora of ways to find these deals , whether you are tech-savvy or old school.

Privacy Policy. Cash-back apps are another way to snag a deal. Apps including Hooch, OpenTable, Restaurant. com and Rakuten give you cash back or reward points when you make certain purchases or make a reservation at a participating restaurant.

There are plenty of delicious, filling alternatives on most menus. Coupons for Local Stores. Save on clothing, gifts, beauty and other everyday shopping needs. Many restaurants and quick-serve establishments will help you celebrate your birthday by giving you a discount on menu items, a free drink or even a birthday dessert.

Most restaurants require you to sign up for their loyalty program to get the celebratory kickback. These deals tend to be good for a few days after your birthday, which means you can spread out the savings.

If you are asked to take a survey at the end of the meal, do it, says Dvorkin. Sometimes restaurants will reward you with a coupon or discount for sharing your thoughts on your experience. She has spent over two decades writing and covering news for several national publications including The Wall Street Journal , Forbes , Investopedia and HerMoney.

Another option is to order a couple of entrees to share family-style with everyone at the table. We frequently order two entrees for three or four people to share. We especially like to do this at restaurants where the food comes in separate dishes from the ones you eat on, which is a perfect setup for sharing.

Some restaurants specifically advertise family-style dining. Others, such as barbecue joints and American-style Chinese restaurants, make it easy to share. You can also try splitting one adult entree between two children, ordering a la carte and sharing sides, or splitting appetizers and desserts.

Any way you can share food helps pare down the total bill as well as reduce wasted food. Appetizers and starters usually cost less than entrees but can often be a fairly substantial size. Plenty of restaurants offer what some may consider complete meals as appetizers.

Buffalo wings that come with veggies are one example, and some restaurants even serve their appetizer chicken tenders with fries. Likewise, soup and salad cover all the bases and are typically cheaper than your average entree.

Some restaurants offer all-you-can-eat refills on these items. For example, you can get endless trips to the salad bar for one price at Ruby Tuesday. Or fill up on unlimited refills of soup, salad, and breadsticks at Olive Garden. Because restaurant portions are so large, kids meals are usually an adequate amount of food, even for grown-ups.

More important, they typically cost half as much. Some restaurants offer lower-priced lunch portions or an early bird special menu during lunch or early dinner hours typically 4pm to 6pm.

These include smaller portions of select dinner entrees. These have more adult-friendly options than kids menus, but many restaurants that offer them restrict them to older adult guests. Sometimes, these appetizers and entrees are even large enough to split with someone else.

If you want to keep the total cost of your bill down, skip all the extras. Nothing drives up the final price like ordering a bunch of drinks, appetizers, and desserts. My family has gone out to eat more than once expecting to get a cheap dinner thanks to a free entree coupon only to be shocked at how much drinks like ice tea and soda hiked up our total bill.

But if you want those courses, split them with another family member. Appetizers are made to be shared, and restaurant desserts are usually generously sized.

You can save your wallet by splitting them two or more ways. Kids meals often come as a package deal. You get to choose one entree, one or two sides, a drink, and maybe a dessert, all for one price.

In restaurants that make you choose one side, you can often still get two without paying extra — in theory, at least. Like doorbusters on Black Friday , the aim is to rope customers in with free kids meals and then make money selling adult entrees.

Restaurants that offer free kids meals typically do so on weekdays to draw customers in on their slow days. Even among chain restaurants, offers vary by location and can change at any time, so call ahead to confirm the deal. Tipping your server is important, as most of their income comes from tips.

Personal Finance. How to Eat Out on a Budget. Follow the writer. MORE LIKE THIS Personal Finance. Buy gift cards below face value. Ask for a discount. Join the club. Make wise menu choices. Dine on national days. Take a survey. Leave room in your budget. Dive even deeper in Personal Finance.

"Utilizing the apps for fast food restaurants can go a long way in saving you money. cheap. Even if I add a McChicken 1. Timing is everything · 2. Show your loyalty to save · 3. Double down with coupons · 4. Choose the cheaper meal · 5. Say Cooking on a budget is an art form that balances cost without sacrificing flavor, and making affordable swaps in

6 Ways to Eat Out on the Cheap


My $100 Per Month Grocery Budget: An Update and Tips

Savings on cheap eats - Great food can be affordable. Learn to eat well on a budget with Good Cheap Eats recipes, meal plans, and go-to money-saving "Utilizing the apps for fast food restaurants can go a long way in saving you money. cheap. Even if I add a McChicken 1. Timing is everything · 2. Show your loyalty to save · 3. Double down with coupons · 4. Choose the cheaper meal · 5. Say Cooking on a budget is an art form that balances cost without sacrificing flavor, and making affordable swaps in

You could be eligible for a cheaper meal simply based on who you are. Children, seniors, students and members of the military are some of the most common candidates for discounts.

Many restaurants have mailing lists that they use to distribute news and promotions to customers. Sign up to stay in-the-know. But if you find the emails are tempting you to eat out more, hit "unsubscribe.

To offset the cost, look for more affordable dishes try ones with fruits and veggies that are in season or opt for a smaller portion size if it's available. As for drinks, water is usually free, whereas soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can quickly add up.

If you prefer a glass of wine with your meal, call ahead and ask the restaurant about corkage fees. Even with this fee, it may be more affordable for you to bring your own bottle than to buy one there.

Plan your meals around these offers to take advantage of free appetizers, entrees or desserts. Stay tuned to social media for promotional details. Restaurants like to hear about your experience at their establishment, so if they ask you to complete a survey, take them up on the offer.

Follow these Good Cheap Eats strategies and budget recipes to save both time and money. Learn the Good Cheap Eats System , a proven way to save money on groceries. The grocery market, that is. While dining out can be fun, it can also be expensive.

Good thing you can make your restaurant favorites at home — for less! Good Cheap Eats is all about having the best taste possible, while still being mindful of the budget. Try these budget recipes and see for yourself! Cooking for one can be just as satisfying and delicious as serving a crowd.

Enjoy these easy, budget recipes that can easily be scaled to serve just one person. I believe that anyone can prepare delicious meals — no matter what. Freezing extras for later is a great way to save time, money, and food. Learn how to make freezer meals and discover freezer-friendly budget recipes that work every single time.

Having a meal plan that works is a key step to meeting your food budget. Learn how you can plan, shop, and cook in a way that suits you and makes good use of your grocery money. Where you grocery shop and what you buy makes a big difference in what you spend on food. Follow our money-saving tips to reduce your spending and save money for other important things.

Going the cafe route will go a long way toward eating on a budget while traveling. Grab some groceries. Visit a local supermarket or farmers market to pick up the ingredients for a simple picnic meal to take to a park.

Eat light and share. Ordering an appetizer in place of an entree, or splitting one entree between two people, is another good way to save money on food while you travel. Taste some tax-free home cooking.

Eat on the street. Rent a place with a kitchen. Cooking some of your own meals is a great way to eat cheap on vacation. Choose lodging that comes with a kitchen, such as a vacation rental or hostel.

Keep snacks in your pack. Carry something to nibble on—like fruit, nuts or a baguette—when you go out on a tour or excursion. Share article on facebook. Share article on twitter. Share article on linked in.

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