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Free vehicle maintenance guides

In addition to recording actual vehicle maintenance work, you can use the log to create a vehicle maintenance schedule. Now, before I take the car in for servicing, I'll print out my log with the recommended schedule so that I can tell whether I really need that "flush and replace every fluid in the entire vehicle" service.

Where can I find a recommended maintenance schedule? If you don't have the original service schedule that came with your vehicle, then you can do what I did and go to Edmund. com's Car Maintenance Guide to get the Manufacturer's Recommended Maintenance Schedule.

I added a link to that page within the spreadsheet plus some fields at the top of the worksheet for recording some of the information you'll need like the Make, Model, Year, Engine. License : Private Use not for distribution or resale. Very little spreadsheet experience is required to use this template.

The main calculation is the SUM formula used to display the total cost. I added a new fleet inventory worksheet to this template for companies that are using it to track maintenance of multiple vehicles. I also added a "Fleet ID" field to the maintenance log for easily identifying specific vehicles by nickname or number.

You can create a separate vehicle log worksheet by right-clicking on the tab for the log and selecting "Move or Copy Within the fleet inventory worksheet, you can use a simple formula to reference the Fleet ID and the Total Cost within each log worksheet. Vehicle Maintenance Log for Excel and Google Sheets.

xlsx For: Excel or later. com 2. Create a free account 3. Share this page with friends and family and be the hero! The reality is that many car brands were pulling their repair information off of AutoZone and coverage was getting thin. I believe AutoZone made the decision that this was no longer helping bring in parts sales and removed the repair information from their website.

Yes, you can always do a google search and dig through forums where members post pages of information at a time. Pro tip: When searching add the keyword "forum" to your search and you will get actual results from forums.

Google used to have a specific search filter for forums but removed it many years ago. There are also file sharing sites which promise full PDF files of the repair manuals, if you can get past the SPAM, Malware and Viruses you end up downloading.

Please note, these other methods are illegal and not a recommended way to procure an auto repair manual. Someone took the time to document the procedures and grabbing their work for free is stealing plain and simple.

The best site that I found online is SERFAX. It is an free service to track all of your vehicle service records and Missing Operation CHARM provides completely free repair/service/workshop manuals for over models of cars and trucks manufactured

Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance Checklist and Care Guide

Free vehicle maintenance guides - Car maintenance checklist to easily identify car issues and defects. Get started with SafetyCulture for easy The best site that I found online is SERFAX. It is an free service to track all of your vehicle service records and Missing Operation CHARM provides completely free repair/service/workshop manuals for over models of cars and trucks manufactured

Make Sure Your Tires Have Enough Tread for a Snowy Winter. Car Recalls. Repair Tools. Repair Cost Assistant. Car Recall Tracker. Car Repair Encyclopedia. Car Repair Shop Satisfaction. How to Inspect Belts and Hoses. Tips on How to Maintain Your New Car.

How to Check Your Car's Engine Oil. Make Your Car Last , Miles. Car Detailing. How to Detail Your Car. There are plenty of car maintenance apps on the market, but not all of them are free. Here are our picks for the best free car maintenance apps, in no particular order.

CarFAX's Car Care app is one of the market's most highly rated car maintenance apps. Its primary aim is to make it easy for users to stay on top of their maintenance schedule. Drivvo is another top-rated car maintenance app that's available for free on both iOS and Android.

Unlike many of the other apps on this list, Drivvo is primarily a finance management app designed to help users control their spending on car expenses. However, it also has various features that can help users determine its time for maintenance.

There are many great features on the app's free version, and users can purchase the pro version to access additional premium features. FIXD is an app that's designed to help users understand and maintain their cars. It's one of the more comprehensive apps on this list as it doesn't just provide information on when to service your car but also explains what needs to be done and why.

Users can purchase a sensor to plug into their car, which will provide real-time information about the health of their vehicle. The FIXD app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Additional features like emissions pre-check and issue forecast are available by subscribing to FIXD Premium. Fuelly is a popular fuel economy tracking app that's available for free on both iOS and Android. While the Fuelly app is not specifically designed for car maintenance, it can be useful for understanding your car's fuel consumption.

This information can, in turn, be used to help plan for maintenance and repairs, which is why it's one of the best free car maintenance apps. Users can upgrade to Fuelly Premium to access additional features like the ability to add photos and PDFs to records.

Try google docs, specifically the spreadsheet application. My wife and I use it for almost everything. The online spreadsheet would be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, so if you are needing to look something up why you have it at the stealership, then just hop online and login and tell them the last time you changed your plugs or whatnot.

I even upload PDFs of manuals of stuff for our new house and share them with my wife, just so I can be even a little more paperless. Sometime when converting from excel to google spreadsheet there is a little bit of formula rework needed.

Last edited: Jul 20, Wrecked Em please do share so we all don't have to rework. torqueman Well-known member. Joined Jun 3, Messages 5, Location SE Michigan. Here's an XL file I use to track what's been done and the cost.

I've included one used to track a brake job on a neighbor's Envoy. zip MC67 New member. Joined Jul 21, Messages 3. torqueman said:. Thanks torqueman, but this wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again! Last edited: Jul 22, suedely said:. soarhead25 Member. Joined Mar 3, Messages I think AutoZone has some free simple maintenance type software that after you register your vehicle and tell them what type of driving you do, automatically sends you reminder emails for maintenance, but I haven't bothered with actually doing it yet But it is free Here is what I have.

xls I added the service items from the owners manual. It is not fancy but it works. Thanks for the excel spreadsheet Wrecked Em, simple yet effective.

The link worked for me. I can't seem to upload the file so try this link and click the download button at the bottom. Last edited: Jul 25, soarhead25 said:. JohnMcD Well-known member. Joined Apr 27, Messages Location Lakeland, FL.

There's a program I use called Auto 3-in The thing I liked about it was that it provided 2 programs. I could log stuff into my PDA and later sync it up with the PC when I got home.

natrona New member. Joined Dec 25, Messages 1. A good online vehicle maintenance log is Motortab www. You can register up to two cars for free I think after that it's a couple of bucks.

I've used it for a few months and it's pretty good! wornoutoldman Well-known member. Joined Sep 9, Messages 4, Location Conover WI "God's Country". Burtonrider Well-known member. Joined Oct 20, Messages Location Chicago, IL. Terry Well-known member. Joined Jan 22, Messages Location Illinois.

I have used the Automotive Wolf shareware mentioned earlier, for about 20 years and find it meets my needs for my fleet of 8.

htm Terry. seaside New member. Joined Mar 7, Messages 1. The best site that I found online is SERFAX. com It is an free service to track all of your vehicle service records and you can even track up to vehicle per account which is great for fleets.

You can even save jpg images of your receipts so you don't have to try and find them later. Last edited: Mar 7, P Well-known member. Joined Aug 6, Messages 2, Location NoVA.

Thanks Reduced Food Offers The Car Care Guide guide boasts Frse pages guires useful information for motorists and is available free, electronically or by printed copy, in English and Spanish. There is even a browser add on that let's you do it in one click. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Joined Aug 6, Messages 2, Location NoVA.



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